The templates included here are a collection of all of the project files, examples, and templates that are included in the workshops. They’ve been collected here for your convenience and for those who might want to keep the templates and examples together for future reference without needing to refer to the videos.

Download All Templates

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Included templates

Optimization examples and notes

  • What is a CPU bottleneck and how to solve it
  • What is a Disk bottleneck and how to solve it
  • How to check for frame drops
  • What is a GPU bottleneck and how to solve it

Python introduction templates, scripts, and examples

  • Introduction to Python variables and data types
  • How to reference operators with Python
  • Common errors you’ll see in Python
  • How to control operators with Python
  • The “Execute” family of operators
  • Basic control flow in Python
  • Intro to Python expressions

Render picking templates

  • 2D interaction with hidden UIs
  • 2D interaction with Logic CHOPs
  • Basic render picking with Render Pick CHOP
  • Using Render Pick DAT
  • Basic render picking logic
  • Drag and drop 3D object with Render Picking
  • Drag and drop multiple objects with Render Picking
  • Render picking with instancing
  • Advanced render picking with instancing and Script CHOP
  • How to make 3D UIs for VR
  • Optimizing render picking setups
  • Further render picking examples

2D GLSL introduction templates and code

  • Basic terminology and notes
  • How to make an Add TOP
  • How to use GLSL Multi TOP
  • How to make a Composite TOP
  • How to scale and transform
  • Using multiple color buffers
  • How to use arrays
  • Sending data through texture buffers
  • Optimizing with GLSL
  • How to port ShaderToy code into TouchDesigner

Examples on how to output content

  • Single Window COMP setup
  • How to turn off network redrawing
  • How to run multiple processes
  • FAQ notes

Project architecture templates and examples

  • Overall project layouts and methodology
  • How to access data in your network
  • How to create a settings COMP
  • Loading external settings files

Python Requests scripts that can fetch web API data

  • How to get data from GitHub public API
  • How to get data from Twitter API and OAuth2

UI examples and templates

  • Using containers
  • How to use buttons
  • How to use sliders
  • How to use OP Viewer COMP
  • Using Select COMPs for pages
  • Intro to List COMP
  • Overriding UIs
  • How to skin UIs
  • Optimizing UIs and separating processes

Intermediate Python examples and scripts

  • Using Replicator COMP callbacks
  • Advanced control flow examples
  • Useful Python tricks
  • How to run scripts and delay script execution
  • Useful internal Python libraries
  • How to add external Python libraries

Beginner’s Crash Course

  • Working with Pane layouts
  • Intro to TOPs
  • Intro to CHOPs
  • Intro to COMPs
  • Intro to DATs
  • Intro to SOPs & MATs
  • How to output content

Kinect 2 Fundamentals

  • Drawing in 2D with Hand Positions
  • Instancing Skeleton Joints
  • Working with Skeleton Data In SOPs
  • Deforming Geometry based on Depth Data
  • Working with Player Index & nVidia Flow

Physics 101

  • Terminology Notes
  • Physics Basics
  • Building your first Bullet Physics Simulation
  • How to Render Physics Simulation
  • Working with Impulse Forces
  • Feeding Control Data into Simulation
  • Instancing with Bullet Physics
  • Working with Constraints
  • Using Physics Python Callbacks

SOPs Demystified

  • Working with Geometry Viewers
  • Geometry Panel Introduction
  • Basic SOP generators
  • How to Render SOPs
  • Intro to MATs
  • Creating Infographics with SOPs
  • Particle SOP Basics
  • Simulating Snow with Particle SOP
  • Using Particle Surface Attractors
  • Introduction to Metaballs and Forces