Python Advanced

by Elburz Sorkhabi in Workshops on January 26, 2020
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Building off of previous Python workshops, this class aims to demystify a few of the elements often used when doing advanced Python development work in TouchDesigner. From using storage to writing your own extensions we’ll work through the several concepts that will help you better leverage Python in TouchDesigner for installations and events. From the conceptual to the concrete, by the end of the workshop you will have both worked with abstract concepts in the textport and created a functioning tool for saving presets.


Matthew Ragan


  • Intro – 00:00
  • Our first functions – 01:18
  • Advanced arguments – 11:46
  • List Comprehensions Fundamentals – 37:39
  • Applying List Comprehensions in TouchDesigner – 48:20
  • Python Storage Intro – 01:15:30
  • Common Storage types – 01:21:39
  • Advanced Storage techniques – 01:42:23
  • Introduction to Python classes and modules – 02:00:56
  • Building your first extension – 02:14:28
  • Building a Preset manager: Intro – 02:47:45
  • Building a Preset manager: Feature planning – 02:53:48
  • Building a Preset manager: Setting up the saver – 03:01:59
  • Building a Preset manager: Setting up video player – 03:09:05
  • Building a Preset manager: Setting up menu parameters – 03:14:37
  • Building a Preset manager: Fetching parameters from extensions – 03:34:09
  • Building a Preset manager: Building preset dictionary – 03:42:13
  • Building a Preset manager: Saving to dictionary – 03:51:14
  • Building a Preset manager: Saving data to disk – 04:03:59
  • Building a Preset manager: Recalling videos – 04:17:28
  • Building a Preset manager: Building lighting presets – 04:36:04
  • Dependencies, automatic extension creation, properties, attributes: 04:48:54

What’s included?

  • Over 5 hours of HD video
  • Templates of TouchDesigner projects created in the training


  • Python Beginner and Python Intermediate training

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