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by Elburz Sorkhabi in Workshops on February 19, 2019
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The user interface (UI) is an integral part of any TouchDesigner installation. Clients need them so they can make changes to their experiences on-the-fly. They often complete the “immersive” aspect of designs – think external controllers or interactive panels.


  • Introduction: 00:10
  • Managing Containers: 01:46
  • Button: 15:35
  • Slider: 32:15
  • Interactive viewers: 46:31
  • UI page selecting: 55:37
  • List COMP explanation: 01:04:24
  • Overriding UIs with external controllers: 01:19:26
  • Skinning UIs: 01:35:27
  • Optimizing UIs and project setup: 02:03:25
  • Further reading: 02:15:05

More info

The user interface (UI) is an integral part of any TouchDesigner installation.

Most clients want dynamic installations that they can control as needed, without consulting a designer or programmer for every change. This is usually through a control panel and UI they can access.

Even more important are user-facing UIs – think interactive panels, turntable additions for live shows, and customizable remote controls. This is what many clients have in mind when they decide to contract someone to design an interactive installation.

But if UIs are so central to TouchDesigner installations, why is it so hard to make them not suck? Most UIs slow down installations and break when you try and resize a component or add multiple pages. They’re also ugly.

So as always, I’m fixing the problem by providing a training.

In my latest 2-hour training, you will learn how to:

  • Optimize UI elements for performance and speed: Poor UIs take a lot of computing power, slowing down your projects and messing up your rendering. This is bad. I teach you how to avoid it by optimizing your interfaces correctly.
  • Skin your UI so that it looks great: When creating a UI, you need to know which objects and operators within them are performing which functions. If you don’t, you’re essentially working within a black box. I show you how to get out of the box so you can customize your UI however you like, with ease.
  • Control your UI over a network: As many know, it’s common practice in TouchDesigner installations to have a single computer performing most of the processing-intensive tasks. Most designers host their UI on this main computer, which can tax it further and result in rendering issues. I show you how to get your UI off this computer and onto another one, so that it doesn’t take up the computing power of your main rig.
  • Override UI controls: This is how you use your UI with external controllers. While not initially intuitive, once you know how to do it the process is relatively straightforward. As discussed above, external controllers are often a critical component in interactive installations.

A great TouchDesigner installation needs a great user interface. Get the training you need to provide professional UI for top clients today.

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