Machine Learning for TouchDesigner

by Elburz Sorkhabi in Workshops on November 26, 2019
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Machine learning is the undeniable cutting-edge of technology. With recent advances in accessibility, many artists are starting to use machine learning in their interactive and immersive experiences. What’s stopping you? Is machine learning a tough nut to crack as a subject matter? Is it the difficulty of getting them setup? Is it the difficulty in connecting them to TouchDesigner? In this workshop, I answer all those questions and more by introducing you to machine learning from the ground up. We start with the absolute basic concepts of machine learning, give you a holistic understanding of the technology and terms that you can carry forward into any machine learning project. We build on this by introducing and giving you a deep guided explanation of RunwayML, how it works, and why it’s useful. And finally we bring it all back into TouchDesigner by connecting the inputs and outputs of RunwayML to TouchDesigner to be used in real-time applications.


  • Intro: 00:10
  • History of Machine Learing: 00:38
  • Differences between ML and Computer Vision: 10:31
  • How problems are solved on computers without ML: 15:45
  • How problems are solved with ML: 19:53
  • Bias in ML: 29:13
  • Setting up RunwayML: 35:27
  • Overview of RunwayML: 40:40
  • Setting up your first workspace in RunwayML: 47:36
  • Setting up Posenet in RunwayML: 55:06
  • Working with Remote GPU in RunwayML: 1:01:25
  • More cool models in RunwayML: 1:06:54
  • RunwayML to TouchDesigner workflow overview: 1:13:43
  • Setting up in TouchDesigner: 1:20:00
  • Skeleton tracking from Posenet to TouchDesigner: 1:30:58
  • Fast style transfer to TouchDesigner: 1:52:54
  • Sending textures from TouchDesigner to RunwayML: 2:09:53
  • Chaining models in RunwayML: 2:15:03
  • More resources: 2:18:45

What’s included?

  • 2.5 hours of HD video
  • Templates of TouchDesigner projects created in the training
  • Coupon code “MLHQ” – A special coupon code worth $20 USD in credits for RunwayML Remote GPU time


  • Comfort navigating and working in TouchDesigner
  • Comfort with Python inside of TouchDesigner

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