Creating Flawless Installations

by Elburz Sorkhabi in Workshops on February 19, 2019
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Elburz explores and explains how to output content from TouchDesigner optimally and how to tune Windows and nVidia drivers to avoid tearing, stuttering, and judder.


  • Intro: 0:10
  • Hz vs FPS: 0:59
  • What is VSYNC?: 6:51
  • What is tearing?: 11:12
  • What is stuttering?: 15:35
  • What is judder?: 17:28
  • Tuning TouchDesigner projects – Overview: 21:41
  • Using a single perform window: 25:47
  • Using multiple processes: 39:11
  • Tuning Windows – Overview: 51:45
  • Windows 7: 56:58
  • Windows 10: 1:03:16
  • Tuning nVidia Quadro – Overview: 1:09:09
  • Setting up nVidia Quadro Control Panel: 1:12:17
  • How do I output to many screens?: 1:17:07
  • Do I really need identical hardware and signal path?: 1:22:53
  • Do I really need “commercial” displays?: 1:25:07
  • Can I use cheap adapters/extenders?: 1:27:23

More info

Want to avoid spending $50,000+ on the wrong computer hardware?

Or having to look your client in the eye and say “I don’t know” when they ask why their shiny new immersive media installation looks like a stuttering, jaggy hot mess?

Then you need this training.

When I first started working with TouchDesigner in 2011, I thought the most valuable skill I had to offer was my ability to code beautiful interactive and immersive media projects for my clients.

While this IS important, I quickly realized that that what my clients valued most was my ability to create an installation that performed perfectly – no tearing, stuttering, judder, or any other issues. If you think this sounds easy, you haven’t been working with Touch long enough.

This is one of the reasons my clients pay me $1,500 per day.

When I first started, I encountered all the issues mentioned above. I overcame them with a combination of all-nighters, hiring the right (and expensive) experts, and in some cases, luck. I also wasted a lot of time and money.

With experience, I was able to preemptively solve for all these performance issues.

That’s why I created the “Creating Flawless Installations with TouchDesigner” training. Now you can benefit from my 7+ years of experience without having to make the costly mistakes I did.

After this training, you will have the confidence you need to deploy immersive design and interactive technology installations for big brands who pay top dollar for your skills. And you’ll be one of the select few individuals in this industry that know how to do what I do with TouchDesigner.

In this 1.5 hour video training (which includes example project files), we will cover:

  • The undocumented nVidia Quadro driver tuning settings. I learned these directly from the source: NVidia and Derivative. These settings have helped me avoid disaster many, many times.
  • How to ensure you purchase the right hardware for an installation. Mistakes here can cost anywhere from $2k-$50k+, not to mention the damage to your reputation.
  • How to setup your TouchDesigner projects for perfect playback BEFORE problems arise. We want to eliminate tearing, stuttering or judder – the main causes of a failed installation – before they occur.
  • A deeper understanding of VSYNC, hertz, FPS so that you understand how to identify and troubleshoot the causes of tearing, stuttering, and judder, should they happen to your installation.
  • How to configure windows 7 and 10 for optimal performance, so that your project runs at a high, stable frame rate.

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