Career Accelerator Program

What You Get When You Sign Up For The Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator Program:

1. The Business Skills You Need to Get Clients and Succeed as a 6-figure-earning TouchDesigner Pro

One of the most significant struggles I’ve witnessed new and experienced TouchDesigner developers go through is getting new clients.

Whether you want to strike out on your own as a freelancer, start a studio, or work for a major design firm, understanding how to find prospects, get meetings, quote effectively, and close the sale are critical to succeeding as a TouchDesigner pro.

When you work with me in the Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator program, I’ll help you get from wherever you are now to generating more business than you can handle with TouchDesigner work.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Get my 5 client-getting strategies: I have 5 proven strategies that I’ve used to get clients. We’ll look at your goals, strengths and personality to determine which of the strategies you should focus on. So long as you’re willing to put in the work, these strategies WILL get you clients. They’re also great for finding potential employers, if your goal is to get a job.
  • Learn how to deal with clients: When I first started, I thought that clients cared about the same things as me – basically all the nerdy elements that we as developers love. This isn’t (usually) the case. I’ll teach you how to speak your potential clients’ language so you can translate the technical aspects of your work into business benefits they’ll understand.
  • Develop your personal branding: Every potential client will eventually Google your name. If they’re not impressed by what they find, they’ll move on to the next person. I’ll help you develop your personal brand so that when prospective clients or employers look you up, they’ll love what they find. This includes working on your website, portfolio business cards, and anything else that reflects your personal brand.
  • Basic business skills: Never incorporated before? What about put together a contract? We’ll work through these things, as well as other basic skills like creating project plans, working with contractors, and drafting project pitches. If you’re looking for a job, we’ll discuss and work on concepts such as how to build a killer CV and interview preparation.

2. Technical Training On Another Level

As a Career Accelerator member, we’ll work on techniques and skills I don’t focus on in the HQ. This is because I have to tailor my tutorials to appeal to the largest number of people. But when we work together one-on-one, we can focus on all the little things that there simply isn’t time for in the HQ.

Put differently, the videos I create for HQ are what I think is important. What we work on in the Career Accelerator will be what YOU think is important.

Additionally, when we work one-on-one, I’ll share certain tips, tricks, and more obscure techniques that I don’t talk about anywhere else.

Finally, as an Accelerator member, you’ll also have access to the Learn TouchDesigner HQ. This includes 20+ video trainings, a community of peers, and regular group coaching.

3. Unprecedented Access to a World Class TouchDesigner Leader

Need me to look over a pitch or contract before you send it to a prospective client? Want me to look over contracts or quotes before you send them to clients? Is your project or installation broken and you need a detailed walkthrough on how to fix it?

In Career Accelerator, I’ll be there to help you with all of the above and anything else TouchDesigner-related you might need. In addition to our scheduled one-on-one calls, you’ll have access to a dedicated email address that only my coaching students have. I check this email pretty much all the time and will do my best to respond to your emails ASAP.

While you get access to me in HQ, Career Accelerator is on another level. With the HQ, I have to split my attention between dozens of people. When you sign up for Accelerator, I can provide you more in-depth, on-demand, customized help than I could otherwise.

One last thing: if things go well, I may be able to give you access to my network. I can’t promise this – it depends on your skill level and other professional factors. But where appropriate, I’m happy to make introductions whenever possible.


“If I was 18 again, I’d join Elburz’s Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator rather than go to college. In this industry, nobody cares about your degree. What matters is your portfolio, business skills, and ability to sell your services. This is exactly what you learn in The Career Accelerator – how to put together your best possible portfolio, hone your business skills, and sell like a badass. When combined with all the technical knowledge Elburz provides, The Career Accelerator is a no-brainer.”

– Dylan Roscover, CEO @ The Experiential Company


“Elburz helped me develop my technical abilities and sell them to clients in a way that got them excited. So excited, in fact, that they can’t wait to hire me. I was hired to run the live show for the Fortnite World Cup in large part due to my time working with Elburz in the Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator Program. Thanks to Elburz, I’ve accomplished in six months what would likely have taken five years otherwise.”

– Dominique Davis, Founder @ Psycho Jelly


“Elburz is a master, and as a teacher he uniquely takes on the seemingly mundane but ultimately very important micro lessons woven into the macro techniques which makes for a highly productive and holistic approach to learning. His attention to detail, sense of humor, and worldly perspective on the industry makes him a perfect teacher.”

– Hal Lovemelt, CEO @ Feeback.video


“Elburz has been an essential guide for me in this exciting and growing industry. He demystified many of the inner workings of TouchDesigner in my early days and has come in clutch with solutions on a number of high-profile installations we’ve worked on together since.”

– Landon Thomas, Interactive Engineer @ Obscura Digital


“When it comes to TouchDesigner, Elburz’s name is often mentioned in the same breath with the authors of the program. Despite his mastery, he understands the confusion that can come with encountering complex topics for the first time. He’s a natural teacher, he’s funny, and he’s easy on the eyes.”

– Noah Norman, Chief @ Hard Work Party

Join The Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator Program

The Career Accelerator is a 6-month commitment, and costs $1,000 per month. This means that the total cost is $6000 paid over 6 months.

When you join the Accelerator, you get:

  • 2 hours of one-on-one call time with me every month

  • Unlimited access to me via email

  • Personalized career success roadmap

  • 5 client-getting strategies

  • One-on-one technical TouchDesigner training

Most importantly, while your results will depend on your level of work and talent, MY goal is to help you get your business up and running OR get you a job by the end of the Career Accelerator. Because of this, I’m VERY selective about who I accept into the Career Accelerator.

If you’re interested, I’m opening up a screening and interview period. Click the button below, fill out the application form, and we’ll setup a quick 10-minute call to ensure you’re a good fit.

Because of the time-consuming nature of the coaching program, I only have 6 coaching slots available at a given time. Given the interest I’ve received so far, I expect every slot to be filled by the end of January at the latest.

So don’t wait – click the button below and fill out the application now. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you achieve your TouchDesigner goals.