Beginner Crash Course

by Elburz Sorkhabi in Workshops on April 25, 2019
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Learning TouchDesigner can be difficult for anyone, no matter what background you have. With all the new terminology, hundreds of operators, and unique paradigm, new users can become overwhelmed and paralyzed. In this training, I take you on a 3 hour deep dive of TouchDesigner’s basic features, fundamentals, and walk you through small example projects to introduce you to the operator families. This course sets you up to take on any of the intermediate trainings available.


  • Intro: 0:10
  • Mouse navigation: 6:33
  • Creating operators: 9:26
  • Network navigation: 12:03
  • Signal flow: 18:14
  • Hotkey notes!!: 25:21
  • Operator basics: 27:14
  • Parameters and Operator info: 38:53
  • TouchDesigner User Interface: 52:14
  • Working with TOPs: 1:05:02
  • Working with CHOPs: 1:31:19
  • Working with COMPs: 1:51:55
  • Working with DATs: 2:09:17
  • Working with SOPs & MATs: 2:32:29
  • Outputting content: 2:58:10

What’s included?

  • 3 hours of HD video
  • Project files of all components made


  • None!

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